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The Maine Coon Breed Society does not endorse any of the breeders listed below. It is up to prospective purchasers to visit and use their own judgment as to whether or not to buy a kitten. If you have concerns about the cattery please do let us know. Kittens are required to be at least 13 weeks of age, and fully vaccinated before they are collected. They should be in good health and free from parasites. The breeder should provide a pedigree, registration certificate, diet sheet and vaccination record upon collection. If purchasing a pet kitten, it is possible that the breeder may wish you to sign a contract promising to neuter/spay the kitten by a certain age, or the kitten may already have been neutered/spayed.




Please note all breeders must be an ordinary member for one year before they can upgrade to breeder membership

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Please send all updates & changes to your entry to or telephone Anne Jones on 01327 263613


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