Occasionally, we do hear of cats that need to be re-homed for various reasons and we also get enquiries from people who would prefer an older cat to a kitten. In an effort to tie these in together we intend to keep a register of people looking for older cats, and if you would like to be included, then please contact the secretary at who is keeping this list.
Regrettably, one aspect of breeding for that "perfect cat", makes it necessary for breeding cats to be retired, from time to time. This can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, their kittens are just not what the breeder was hoping for, or perhaps their pedigree clashes with that of a new cat, or, as often happens, this particular cat is just not happy in a multi-cat household.

Occasionally, such cats need to find new and loving homes, in a normal family situation, where they can live out the rest of their lives, happily, being pampered, and of course, idolised. Once neutered, (this is always arranged by the breeder, before re-homing), these cats make loving, happy pets. They are usually young (one to four years is common) and will quickly adapt to their new circumstances. For those people who are looking for a beautiful, pedigree, Maine Coon to love, but cannot deal with the liveliness of a new kitten, or manage the initial expense, these cats can be ideal. You can expect that such a cat will be considerably cheaper than the cost of a kitten, as the breeder has lived with this cat in their house, it is, after all, their pet, first and foremost, and they will be seeking to place them in the ideal situation. The happiness of the cat is ALWAYS paramount. However, do expect to pay a reasonable amount for such a pet - the breeder will be looking, quite rightly, for a degree of commitment from the new owner, which a small purchase price often helps to provide.

Listed below are the details of those cats on our lists at present, together with a contact no. If you are interested, please do feel free to contact the owner listed. It is important, however, that you do read the given information. Some cats require to be the only cat around - if you already have several, then it is pointless trying to adopt such a cat, no matter how much you like the look of him or her.

Our aim, when seeking homes for older cats is to match the needs of the cats on our list with the requirements and home situation of prospective adoptees. Please dont be offended if we ask if you have children, plan to let the cat out, or have other pets, or live in an area of busy roads. All of these factors, and others, need to be taken into account when pairing up.

The MCBS does not currently offer a home visit check. We act merely as a listing and introduction agency, and leave it up to the current new owner to make all suitable checks. We make no charge for matching up cats with suitable new homes, even though it can take considerable time spent on phone calls, emailing, etc. However, we are always grateful to receive a donation to our Rescue fund.

Our Secretary / Rehoming has retired after many years of dedication to the club.

Currently we no longer offer assistance with rehoming but breeder members looking to rehome can place their ad on our Facebook page


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